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Rural credit

Credit with the best rates, limits, deadlines, for you to produce and invest in your business.


Barter / Exchange

Exchange your production for inputs, seeds and equipment and guarantee your next harvest

Sale on time

Sale on time

The sale of its production, fixing the price and guaranteeing the resources for the next harvest.

Agro credit card

Agro credit card

We are looking for the best credit options for your business.


What Nagro offers you the best.

  • Agility

    Nagro receives and processes your request digitally, bringing more speed to your credit process.

  • Convenience

    The process is carried out in the comfort of your home, without queues, without going and comes. Allowed that you can take care of what really matters, your business.

  • Efficiency

    You view, in one place, all the credit options that you can Access for your business, allowing you to evaluate the one that best fits the Your necessity, comparing rates, terms and other conditions.

  • Cost

    Being digital, Nagro brings efficiency to the entire chain, and with that can deliver a better cost to your customers.

How does it work

how it works

We work with the purpose of bringing quality of life to the field through profitability, we are always looking for the best credit for our partners.



Make your registration and request on our online platform. It's simple, easy and fast!

We show the best options

We show the best options

Our system analyzes your data and presents you with the best options that fit your profile.

You choose

You choose

You choose the option that best suits you, sends the necessary documentation for analysis.

Sign the contract

Sign the contract

When approved, you close the deal and sign the agreement with one of our partners.

Who we are

We take credit solutions to farmers around the world. Brazil, generating business and helping Agribusiness to develop.

6 Years of experience
Years of experience
800 Producers Registered
Producers Registered
300 Millions on credit released
On credit released

Our story

Nagro was born of the will of two rural producers, to show society the strength and importance of agribusiness for our economy.


We work with the purpose of bringing quality of life to the field through profitability, always we seek the best credit for our producers.

For more than 5 years, we have helped farmers in the search for credit for your business.

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Common questions

Nagro is the first online credit platform exclusively for agribusiness. We connect farmers and entrepreneurs of agribusiness that need credit to the most different companies that want to or finance. We bring better conditions for producers and security and good business to the companies funders.
Nagro presents the ideal solution for those who are tired of being can not wait to have your credit released. Here, you apply for rural credit over the internet and compare conditions.
No! We do not charge a registration fee and our services are only charged to the customer when the client's registration is approved and he has his credit released. The operating rate is charged together with the of credit.
No! Nagro is an agreed technical assistance bank. We make the connection between producers and financial institutions partners. We also act as lead generators for our partners and companies in Nagro.
The Nagro platform is 100% secure and protected with security protocols. information and navigation. The information transmitted between the client and Nagro are end-to-end encrypted. We highlight that only we use your information to identify the best solutions of credit for you and your business, always according to your authorization, as it is in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
If we have not solved all your questions, please contact us with us by email at: falecom@nagro.com.br. We will be happy to assist you and we will do our best to resolve all Yours doubts. Thank you!
Producer with doubt

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